Exposition design for Design museum Den Bosch. Five talented Dutch designers present their work for Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds design award 2019.


Our studio helps out at local restaurant/nightclub Van Aken in het Werkwarenhuis and design platform Social label located at the Tramkade.


interior design for concept store Brandpunt Breda. These modular elements are designed as a bar and display for the store. But you can also make them into a long double bar for gatherings and use the small elements as side tables. 

Outside collection for a private client at Barcelona city center. Together with Looy Driesser we designed and produced a custom patio environment.


For film/photography company DSPH we designed and produced tree big oak office tables. The wooden table tops are tree meters long and extremely heavy. 


Business award Baronie van Breda commissioned by Rabobank. This award is a symbolised community logo that stands for connection and diversity. The business award show is an event to celebrate regional entrepreneurship and employee branding.

A signing project that functions as a luminous red carpet. It's made out of glowing tiles that are used as signage to the entrance of an old renovated chapel.


Office interior for Port of Rotterdam and IBM Munich. For this collaboration project with conceptgod we made a smart office environment that functions as a living room.  


A machine with which u are able to create a light fixture and simultaneously learn about bio materials. DieFabriek improves the relationship between man and product by emphasizing the personal touch of the consumer.


Custom made desk-light inspired by natures foxglove. A single copper goblet with a led light shaped as a pistil. This project is the start of a new design series in which we are developing a great variety light objects. 

A sculptural dna object as a present for Avans Hogeschool to celebrate their accreditation on sustainability. We designed and manufactured this handmade symbolic Helix from recycled metal, Bio resin and Led lighting.

Commissioned by Studio Boot and Social Label. A new stage and interior design for Liliane Fonds ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We were asked to come up with a playful lighting solution in the old chapel, and an alternative facing for the old stage.  


Custom made Pegboard with ten deferent pins made from bio-resin. Available in all shapes and colors.

The stand grows from the ground as being a part of his environment and is intergraded in the interior.